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Bag temperature skill of bag making machine

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Bag temperature skill of bag making machine


Many novice friends will be overwhelmed by the problems in the use of the paper bag machine. Today, I will introduce to you the troubleshooting solutions when the temperature of the paper bag machine is unstable and the reasons for this situation a bit.

The reasons for the unstable temperature are as follows:

1. The interference caused by the walking of other wires or the short circuit of the wires.

2. There is a problem with the motherboard in the computer, and accurate judgment of this problem requires certain professional skills.

3. Check the thermocouple for looseness and shedding.

4. Whether the set temperature corresponds to the set sealing knife.

5. Whether the sealing knife is installed tightly.

6. Whether the wires are scorched and loose.

7. Whether the switch in the electric cabinet is turned on.

It should be noted that when the temperature is unstable, the unstable seal number can be pressed at the channel number, so at this time, it should be reset according to the original number to ensure that it can work normally. After solving the temperature instability situation, how to solve the paper bag machine when there is no color label signal?


No color signal cause:

1. Adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric.

2. The air pressure of the front drag roller cannot be too small, generally not lower than 0.3.

3. There is too much dust and dirt on the photoelectric head, so it needs to be cleaned.

4. Heat seal the knife and cool it down too far (adjust the blade distance).

5. Set the bag length to be different from the actual bag length (modify the bag length parameter).

6. The color scale area is often too small (not less than 1mm, not more than 3mm).

7. Incorrect polarity setting.


bag making machine

ZENBO bag making machine possess many independent patents, create the high-speed automatic paper bag production. This machine adopts servo system for top reinforced card taking, realize the top reinforced card paste position adjustable. New “half-blade” device ensure bag body trackless. Adopts with PLC and Servo control system, reserve of extensible intelligent port for future system upgrades and remote services.


The basic working flow is sheet feeding, creasing, servo top reinforced card taking and pasting, top folding (insert pasting), tube forming, gusset forming, bottom open and gluing, bottom folding and closing, compaction and output. 


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