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Congratulations! Zhejiang Ruian Existing Epidemic Patient is Zero Now!

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As a China paper bag making machine manufacturer, Zenbo is going to share some good new with you. Zhejiang Province has been adjusted to the second level response to COVID-19 epidemic. All the patients that diagnosed in Ruian has been cured. We made great efforts to win the task of fighting with the epidemic. Looking forward all customers and friends coming to visit us and have a cup of tea with us.


The good news from Ruian People's Hospital is exciting again: all the patients diagnosed with new pneumonia in the hospital are cured. The team of Infectious Diseases of Ruian People's Hospital held a medical meeting to formulate a treatment plan, engage in combat, and give treatment such as correcting hypoxia, antiviral, and immune support. And all patients are accompanied by passport management 24 hours a day, ECG monitoring, infusion, and regular temperature measurement, medical staff monitor the development of the condition, adjust the treatment plan in time, and conduct timely psychological counseling ...


The number of fever clinics is standardized, and the screening is strictly controlled. At present, all patients admitted are early detection patients, and the prognosis is good. In addition, Ruian Medical Infectious Diseases is a leading medical discipline in Zhejiang Province and a key medical discipline in Wenzhou. It has concentrated the strongest professional strength and the best medical resources in Ruian City, which has effectively guaranteed the level of diagnosis and treatment and laid a solid foundation for winning this battle the basics.


As the National high-tech enterprises, Zenbo has undertaken many province and city level research projects. We are also the first unit to draft the sheet feeding paper bag making machine industry standard in China. Welcome to enquiry!




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