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Expert Guide On Automatic Art Paper Bag Making Machine

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The essential factor about the paper bag making is its eco-friendliness since paper bags are not just biodegradable but can be recycled. 

paper bags making machine

Paper bags are important for various commercial uses, especially for the packaging of different products.

And choosing the right environmental paper bags making machine for your business might be overwhelming. For this reason, the best alternative to a great deal is sourcing your environment paper bag machine from a trusted supplier.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what it takes to churn out high-quality paper bags using the automatic art paper bag making machine.

List of Raw Material for Paper Bag Making Business

A high-quality paper bag is a function of the raw materials processed by the environmental paper bags machine. These basic raw materials for the paper bag making include: 

Paper rolls colors and white

Laces and tags

Paper sheets


Polyester stereo

Printing chemicals, ink, etc.

List of Machinery Required for Paper Bag Making Business

During the production of paper bags, different machines work in tandem to bring about a high-quality environmental-friendly paper bag. The most common of such machines include the following:

1.Automatic Paper Making Machine (Two Color printing)

The automatic paper bag making machine with printing has an added advantageous feature of printing any text or design on the surface of the paper bag being manufactured.

And the production of the paper bag using the automatic paper bag making machine with printing is same as automatic without the printing machine, which gives an output of about 120 paper bags per minute with a dimension 12×18 to 40×60 cm in size

Addition Machines Required For Paper Bag Production

Some other types of machinery that you need for paper bag production are:

Eyelet Fitting Machine.

Lace Fitting Machine.

Cutting Machine.

Punching Machine.

Printing Machine.

Creasing Machine.

Stereo Press and Stereo Grinder

Testing Scale Machine.

Roll Slitter Motorized Machine

6 Steps Manufacturing Process of Paper Bag 

While manufacturing paper bags using the automatic paper bag making machine, the entire process falls into six (6) major steps below:


The first step is the cutting of paper roll according to the size of the paper bag that wants to be manufactured using the automatic art paper bag making machine.


The pressing machine presses the side of the paper so they stick together with the help of the gum.


After the sides of the paper bags stick together, the printer machine prints the design or information on the paper bag.


The punching of the bag is done with the punching machine to smoothly make a hole where the handle on the paper bag can be fixed.

5.Handle Attachment 

Attaching the string handle to holes of the paper bag is done with the machine.


There could be slight modifications in the steps of processes with the use of different machines.

Well, for the automatic paper bag making machine, the products will be packed together as they are being manufactured.


Paper bags play a very important role in the packaging of various products and as such the quality, durability and environmental impact must not be compromised. 

To be assured of producing paper bags of the best quality, you need the services of a professional manufacturer for all your automatic art paper bag making machine supplies.


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