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How does Shopping Hand Paper Bags Make?

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Environmentally friendly, exquisite and durable paper hand bags are seen everywhere as Uniqlo, Adidas, then do you know how are they made by manufacturers?   

There are 4 kinds paper hand bags in our daily life:

1. Kraft bags, such as the Starbucks, Uniqlo, Adidas and so on.

2. Gigt bags, such as the Swarovski paper bags.

3. Heavy duty bags like the Milk paper bags.

4. Luxury paper bags 

Let's see the process of the paper bags, by machines of Zenbo we can see the detailed process as below:

Paper bags should be tight in structure, as the cooperate image extension and promotion strategy, the bag bottom and bag handles should be glued with "white glue" to ensure the safety. sticking the bags sides and bottom bevels, be different with the traditional paper bags making process which make the bags hands first then fold the paper shape. There is no crease on the surface of the paper bag, and the binding is accurate and beautiful. The shopping bag is made by the fully automatic bag making machine, so there is no crease on the surface of the bag, and the hot sol is strong and the drying is rapid, so the bonding is accurate and beautiful. The traditional paper bag processing is a manual folding sticker bag, so the bag surface has a fold line, and the white glue is dry and solid, and when the amount is too much, the glue will slide, so the bag shape is poor.

paper bag making process

As the picture above, first step is cutting edge, handle making at the same time→Reinforced paper gluing in second step→reinforced paper pasting→top folding→gusset→side pasting→tube folding→b→ottom creasing→bottom opening→bottom gluing→bottom sealing→handle making→handle slitting→handle positioning.

 Automatic Art Paper Bag Making Machine

Zenbo is a professional manufacturer of sheet feed paper bag making machine in China with technical patent in product development, our machine can make many kinds handle/carry paper bags, if you have any questions, pls feel free to let us know your request. customization is acceptable.


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