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How to Choose A Variety of Paper Bag Hand Rope?

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Each portable paper bag needs to be punched, buckled and worn after being formed. The selection of the hand strap is a critical step. There are many varieties of paper bags and hand straps. Let me see the characteristics of the common paper bag handrails.

paper bag hand rope

Three- strand rope

The three-strand rope of paper bags has nylon multifilament (wire), polypropylene filament (wire), polypropylene, polyester, polypropylene / polyester blend and other products. It has the advantages of high strength, low elongation, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, softness and smoothness. Its price is more expensive than similar multi-strand rope.

Herringbone belt

The herringbone belt mainly refers to a webbing that is woven with cotton textile as the main raw material and images the "human" shape, and some people call it a V-shaped belt. The herringbone pattern is a very classic pattern. The herringbone belt is more vivid than the ordinary cotton webbing. It has the characteristics of stable size, not easy to shrink, not easy to deform, straight and quick drying, and the touch is thicker and more comfortable.

Plain strip

Plain and twill are two classic weaving methods for fabrics. The plain weave is the simplest fabric structure. The plain weave has a very smooth texture and the warp and weft are intertwined in a one-up process. The plain weave has many interlacing points and the warp and weft are the most closely held. Therefore, the texture of the plain weave is the firmest and the appearance is the flattest and the front and back are the same. 

Ribbed belt

The ribbed belt is the most commonly used kind of ribbon for making a hand-held rope. The surface is a regular pattern with a concave and convex feeling. It is directly touched by hand and has a feeling of unevenness. The market is mainly a ribbed belt made of polyester. Rayon can also be done, but it is not widely used.

Paper rope

As the name suggests, paper rope is a rope made of paper. The paper rope is commonly used as a paper bag tow rope. The weight of the paper rope is strong. Commonly used are Kraft paper rope and ten paper rope. However, compared with the cloth rope, the interface between the paper rope and the bag body is easily broken. Therefore, the hand bag of paper rope pickpocket is often used to package some small crafts, small ornaments and so on.


Hemp rope

Hemp rope refers to the fiber rope of all kinds of hemp plants. The hemp rope is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, soft and fine. The hemp rope comes with literary retro temperament. It is often matched with environmentally-friendly Kraft paper bags.



Ribbon is interlaced by warp and weft. This process is a satin structure. By doubling the warp, the texture of the label becomes soft and smooth. The ribbon series products are mainly in the following categories: polyester ribbons, nylon ribbons, ear ribbons, snow ribbons, etc.


I believe that after reading the introduction of the above-mentioned several common paper bag hand ropes, you must have a preliminary understanding of the common paper bag hand ropes.


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