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Important Follow-up Steps in the Printing Process of Paper Bags

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When it comes to paper bag printing, many people will say that the design and printing process of the previous paper bag is the key. But in fact, in addition to these, the follow-up work of paper bag printing cannot be ignored. Because of the one-stop full-service provided by the printing company, the last thing customers need to see after ordering is the finished paper bags. In addition to the printing itself, the details such as the punching of the paper bag are also part of it.


In the early stage of the printing of the paper bag, it is necessary to design the printing pattern, determine the size and style of the paper bag, select the material, etc. Later, the punching and attaching the belt are followed. It is a perforated mold that assists the bag making machine. The paper bag making machine gives a synchronization signal to the solenoid valve to control the punching machine.


For experienced paper bag printing staff, before handling the bag puncher, it’s necessary to check the punch for debris and add lubricant to the top of the punch. When using, make sure that the position of the punching hole of the handbag is accurate and uniform, and the diameter of the orifice should be consistent. If there is abnormal noise when using, it is necessary to promptly check the cause. After use, the punch must be pressed down to the lowest position to better protect the punch. According to customers’ needs, we match it with paper or polyester nylon rope to complete the follow-up work of paper bag printing and making process.


Before the final delivery, the customer order quantity and the actual printed product quantity need to be checked to ensure the same quantity. When delivering, the customer needs to check the paper bag and check the quality in person. If there is any problem, it is easy to modify it in time. In this way, such a process is the service tenet of a professional printing factory and it is also the norm that must be achieved to print a quality handbag.


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