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Kraft paper bags, do you know how they are made?

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You have already become aware of the importance of limiting the use of plastic bags that are not biodegradable to avoid polluting the environment. And, in addition, surely they have already told you over and over again about the advantages of buying paper bags. For this reason, today we want to explain how kraft paper bags are made.

The paper bags are environmentally friendly and both the material and their vertical handles make them sturdy enough to be reused.

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Do you know how cardboard bags are made? In this post we are going to explain what the manufacturing process of this type of paper bags is.

How to make kraft paper bags

For the manufacture of paper bags only the following elements are necessary:

High quality kraft paper: Depending on the type of bag to be manufactured, a specific weight of paper will be used. This kraft paper is stored in large reels of paper.

Special adhesives for the internal bonding of bags and handles. Premium glues free of polluting elements are used.

The corresponding manufacturing machinery, the Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine, is in charge of printing and stamping the paper according to the measurements of the bag to be manufactured, as well as making the folding accurately.

Step by step to make paper bags

The manufacturing process for a kraft paper bag will initially depend on whether the bag will be anonymous or printed.

In the case of the printed bag, the first step is to print the customer's logo directly on the kraft paper. For such customization, the flexographic technique is mostly used. This printing technique is one of the most used for its great performance and perfect results, and is based on the use of a plate with relief (printing plate) that stamps the ink on the paper using a flexographic printer. These inks are characterized by their high drying speed, which enables large printing volumes to be carried out in a short period of time.

Once the paper is printed, all you need to do is insert it into the die-cutting machines. In the event that the bags are unprinted, we will use anonymous paper. These machines make the appropriate cuts as well as the corresponding folds that will form the kraft paper bags, according to the instructions that the operator has previously entered into the machine.

In parallel, the handles of the paper bags are also manufactured, which will finally be joined by means of special adhesives.

The most common types of kraft paper bag handles are:

Flat handle: The flat handle paper bags are among the most used on the market for their quality / price ratio.

Curled handle: The curled handle paper bags provide greater firmness and resistance to the bag, making them more suitable for transporting bulkier or heavier materials.

Properties of ecological paper bags

We are very aware of the importance of taking care of the environment, so our paper bags have the following properties:

The Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine is an indispensable machinery in the production of the kraft paper bags. It is one of the ways that the manufacturing industries can contribute their quota to the elimination of the pollution levels of our environment. It is the perfect time for the manufacturers to take advantage of this technology. You can contact us for more details.


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