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Paper Bag and Similar Craft Paper Instructions

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1. Paper bag and similar crafts: The process of double-layer or multi-layer paper folded and the multi-indentation line intersecting the rice-shaped area require much higher in paper’s folding resistance than common packaging box in the shape of the mold.

2. High-weight paper: The stiffness of the white-coated paper on one side is better than that of other paper bags. When using a high-weight (250 g and above) paper to make a handbag, more process details should be taken into consideration to prevent popping problems.

Different paper bags and their characteristics:

  • Kraft paper: high cost performance, good strength, but the printing and molding effects are not excellent, often used in fast-moving products

  • White cardboard: good printing effect, high stiffness, excellent molding effect, commonly used in food, cosmetics, electronic products, real estate display products

  • Whiteboard/grey board: good printing and molding effect, high cost performance, commonly used in food, electronic products, clothing products 

  • Coated paper: excellent printing effect, suitable for double-sided printing, good molding effect, often used in high-grade clothing, children's products and other products, more export

  • Special paper: good sense of surface, strong sense of art, often used in gift paper bags and luxury paper bags 

Analysis of common causes of bag bursting

Cause of burst:

1. Process factors: die-cutting is not standardized; manual strength is large; no film is applied; ultra-high weight; high UV temperature, too deep embossing; low temperature and low humidity.

2. Material factors: paper folding resistance is low; the quality of the film is not good; indentation knife plate indentation problem

Risk warning for non-film products: there are great differences in the folding resistance requirements of the paper in producing the paper bag filmed and not filmed. Single-sided coated white cardboard has better stiffness. When making non-film products, it is necessary to evaluate the process environment and bursting risk. It is recommended to confirm the use effect in the whole process. And strictly refer to the proofing parameters in the production of large goods.

Common paper bag burst position - multi-layer folding area:

The multi-layered folded portion bursts and is usually seen when the paper bag is formed.

Causes of bursting:

1. The paper has a large thickness and a low degree of folding resistance, the ambient temperature and humidity are too low, the film is not covered

2. Indentation line is not standardized, multiple die cutting;

3. Molding method of the paper bag is not standard, the indentation line is not right, the line is too strong

Common paper bag burst position - side angle and inside reverse line

The bursting of the side angle and the inner reverse line (meter-shaped area) is generally caused by the opening of the crack:

1. Paper has high stiffness, low folding resistance, low ambient temperature and humidity, and no film coating.

2. Indentation line is not standardized, multiple die-cutting, the side width of the bag type is not easy to open.

3. Molding method of the bag is not standard; the action is not standardized when opening.


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