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Paper Bag Making Process

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Our life is inseparable from packaging. Any product needs a package to enhance its image. Bags are one of the most common packaging. The mainstream bags are mainly paper bags, non-woven bags, and plastic bags. Today, let's share with you the production process of paper bags

The details determine success or failure. In the industry of making paper bags, it really reflects the most vividly. Every small link has a decisive role. Let me show you a more conventional white cardboard paper bag production process.

paper bags

1. The paper used to make the paper bag is calculated according to the size of the paper bag of the customer. The paper area with the least loss is calculated. Before printing, a step is performed. The paper is cut before printing and the white cardboard is cut to a size suitable for printing.

2. After the white cardboard is cut, it goes to the printing shop for printing.

3. In printing, the first time if you see this big thing, it was a terrible amount, and even you will think it’s a little ugly, but the original paper bag printed was very beautiful!


4. After printing is completed, the next step is to carry out a laminating process. The paper bag after lamination will have a waterproof function. The one below is a paper bag that needs to be stitched.


5. After the completion of such a peritoneum, the next step is needed. Punching, this involves a word we often hear: knife version, what is knife version, in the process of making bags, the professional name is: Die-cutting indentation, pressing each part of the bag to be folded out to make it easy to form and fold. The knife version is the die-cut indentation version, the solid line represents die-cutting, and the dashed line represents indentation.


6. After cutting through the knife plate, there are such marks. With such marks, the bag can be folded neatly and beautifully.


7. After punching, folding and bonding paper bags will be pulled. Generally, small batches of paper bags will be manually bonded, which is also a more traditional method. Workers are veterans who have glued bags for many years. Very experienced, white card paper will be relatively hard, and if you are not careful, you will also be scratched by the paper handle, so the workers who make the bags will wear thick gloves.


8. Stick the bag body first and then the bag bottom.


The process of paper making is complex, automatic paper bag machine can help people solve the problems and make the work more efficient.


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