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What Is Kraft Paper And What Makes It So Popular?

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What is Kraft Paper?

Based on the continuous rising in environmental awareness matters within the population, various consumers are gradually turning their devotion to eco-conscious products and businesses.

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A business owner is usually beset with numerous new products and terms that become famous over the years because of their friendly environmental model.

If you are not yet certain of integrating your eco-friendly methods into your business, then you need to continue reading this article.

In this article, a description is done about a very useful product, Kraft paper, and it is explained in simplified terms of its making, its components, and what makes it eco-friendly.

Although, this kraft paper can be produced by a kraft paper bag making machine, which is one of the sophisticated machines.

Therefore, obtaining a kraft paper from a reliable kraft paper bag making machine manufacturer is the best way to have a good value for your business and hard-earned money.

How is Kraft Paper Made

Kraft paper is produced by a kraft paper bag making machine, which is synonymous with other methods of producing papers. It involves the conversion of wood-chemical to wood pulp.  

The wood configuration components are cellulose and lignin. But lignin will not make a good quality paper, therefore, it has to be separated from the main cellulose. 

For this to happen, cooking of wood chips inside “white liquor” prepared with sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide.

This mixture breaks the cellulose and lignin apart and leaves the solid wood pulp with the “black liquor”.

Since wood chips have been transformed into a pulp and after, they are screened to extract any bigger particles.

The pulp is then rinsed for the removal of any remaining liquors and it is shaped into different products of paper.

Why is Kraft Paper Better Than Regular Paper?

In what way does the kraft processes be compared to other types of paper production techniques? 

Mainly, a kraft paper tends to be strong, because there is an increase in sulfur and reduction in the lignin.

It does not entail much of bleaching, because that will decrease the strength of the paper and improve the cost of manufacturing.

Compared to other techniques, it can employ various types of wood, including bamboo or resinous pine. These woods are not used in the local paper producing process.

Besides, because almost all of the chemicals used in the process are reused and recovered.

The only derivatives which are probably not recycled are tall oil and turpentine. These are used in the manufacturing of other products.

Since you have an idea of kraft paper is produced, there are some means through which you can put it to work. The qualities of kraft materials to use in your business:

For Packaging

There are advantages of using kraft paper packaging: 

Since no weight is added to the package, therefore, kraft paper makes shipping cost to be cheap.  Also, durability, texture, and flexibility give better protection.

 For Your Image

Kraft paper is used in business cards which eco-friendly. The natural worth provides business cards with a simple look and appealing universally.

Clients will cherish environmental awareness and accept it as a reputation for your character.

For Business

Envelops made from kraft can last long. Also, the kraft paper has low lignin which provides it with durability and hard-wearing than ordinary materials  

For Gift Wrapping

Kraft paper is versatile and it is easy for wrapping of the gift. The natural features make it comfortable for creativity more than textured colored paper because you can create any pleasing design.


Kraft paper is one of the packaging material that has found a wide acceptance and use in the packaging of different products.

Some of what kraft paper materials can be used for are; for Packaging, for your image, for business, and gift wrapping.

However, for the best production experience, always partner with a reliable manufacturer of kraft paper bag making machine for the best equipment. 


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