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Why Do Big Brands Like to Use Paper Bags for Package?

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With the improvement of living standards, consumers are paying more and more attention to product packaging. After observation, it will be found that major brands such as Starbucks, Zara, HM are using paper bags, so today let’s see these big brands. Why do brands prefer paper bags? Looking at the streets and lanes, brand-name supermarkets, there are many types of products and diverse styles, but most of them tend to a serious problem: although the product styles are diverse, there are many similarities and there are no outstanding highlights.


With the improvement of living standards and the rejuvenation of shopping groups, consumers have increasingly higher requirements for the individuality of product packaging. As an important carrier of first-rate economics, packaging has no doubt become an important factor for consumers to buy products. Paper as a more high-end, retro, personalized packaging, packaging has become the packaging trend of some high-end products, sought after by consumers. Access to mid-to-high-end clothing stores, snack supermarkets, cosmetics shops, or coffee dessert shops, almost a paper bag, each with its own characteristics, not only increase the style of the product but also promote it, becoming the first choice for many businesses. Therefore, paper bag manufacturing machinehas become more popular among paper bag manufacturers.

As the world's largest coffee chain, Starbucks' packaging has one feature: a constant logo, and ever-changing materials, patterns, forms, colors, and more. The mermaid is the unified label of Starbucks. It is an indispensable element on the packaging paper cups and paper bags. The green main color gives people physical and mental joy and tranquility. The attention to detail and originality are also one of the important reasons for the success of their packaging design. At present, Starbucks paper bags have also been innovated. They are no longer the same as solid color kraft paper bags with logos and other elements.


In recent years, there has been a quiet retro trend. Whether it is music, film, clothing or small objects, everyone is nostalgic, revisiting the classics, and MUJI is undoubtedly the master of the retro trend. People who have been to MUJI should know that whether it is a commodity or decoration, MUJI gives a feeling of returning to nature and returning to nature. The products are mainly wood and warm color, giving a quiet and elegant comfort. MUJI's packaging bags are also mainly paper bags. The kraft paper material with the dark red logo is simple and simple, which is loved by everyone. Many people even collect MUJI paper bags.

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Big brands are abandoning plastic packaging and choosing paper packaging bags. Paper bags are popular with everyone due to their environmental protection, pollution-free, and recyclable advantages. Moreover, paper bags are made of nature, and their unique texture will make people happy. So, do you like paper bags?


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