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ZB 1260S-450 Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine Was Shipping to Poland

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The new coronavirus has a great impact on all industries in a worldwide scale. Even though it is far away from us in China, the epidemic situation in Europe countries has been affecting the attention of people all over the world. The increasingly greater amount of confirmed cases is also chilling for all of us. This situation does not affect the paper bag industry too much, we still ship our products to Europe, especially Poland as how we did before. Paper bags can be used in many areas and the product lines in our company ZENBO will be introduced in the following.

 ZB 1260S-450 Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine Was Shipping to Poland

ZB 1260SF-450 paper shopping bag making machine is a star product in our company. This sheet feeding paper bag machine which is our independent innovation adopts international advanced production process and management system. This machine equips advanced compact servo handle cut-off system to replace the traditional complex mechanical structure, which reduced the setup time and supplied a comfortable operation space. The bag making machine and handle making unit have separate servo control systems to avoid the handle waste. Intelligent switch between twisted rope handle and flat handle provide a wider range of business scope for customers. ZB1260SF-450 is a fantastic fully automatic sheet feeding paper bag making machine which can in-line produce both twisted rope handle and flat handle. This machine can produce 3 types paper bag, 3 different crafts and their common parameters are shown as below.


If you have a need of related products like paper bags no matter which specific type, ZENBO would be a good choice as a standing-out paper bag making machine manufacturer because of its good image in the industry and good quality of products. We are always here for you, whatever you need. Service Department is a highly dedicated team of people committed to giving the best customer support in the industry. Listening to clients’ need is our culture. You are the source of our innovation.


It is true that life is only once, and everyone's life is very precious. Sincerely, it is hoped that the world epidemic will end as soon as possible and give an ordinary life to mankind like before. Once again, I'd like to thank our customers. At this special moment, all customers still pick up the goods in full payment and go against the current without causing even any little trouble to our company. In Chinese, we learn an ancient sentence “The benefaction of a drop of water must be reported to each other”. In the future, we promise that we will devote our best patience and care to provide customers with better and more comprehensive services and goods.


Let our machines create the greatest value for you, which is the greatest return to all of you. Thanks again, and if you have any interests of us, please visit our official website and maybe you can figure out which specific type you want in it.


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