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Zenbo To be The Leader of Domestic Paper Bag Machine

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I have heard about Zenbo a long time ago, but I just understand that this is a young entrepreneurial team with a lot of achievements in the field of bag making machines.


Upon entering the Zenbo office building, the modern decoration reflects the vitality of the team, the overall simplicity and cleanliness, but the details are particularly exquisite, the center of each glass window and door is printed with an inspiring English saying-"Service achieve dreams" Harvest dreams)". It is because of such a vigorous team that can vigorously show their skills in the field of bag making machines.

 paper bag making machine

Specification: Let process management realize data transparency

Yan Xiaobin, deputy general manager of Zenbo, is also one of the founders. According to him, private companies like Zenbo start their businesses from scratch.


With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous expansion of the market, Zenbo first faces management problems, especially how to manage the production line of the factory reasonably, and how to control the unification of production and customer needs. These are all problems that need to be solved urgently. Zenbo relies on its own technical strength and according to its own needs, flexibly designed and independently developed a set of production management system.


Due to the relatively large amount of data required by the system, in order to complete the research and development of this management system, it took Zenbo nearly two years to complete the setting of all parameters and the establishment of the price system. Now the entire production management team is in the trial process all feel good.


Customization: Provide investment advice based on customer needs

Zenbo not only has a professional production management system, but also a professional marketing team. They will conduct research on the actual situation of customers, rather than blindly sell equipment.


The simple understanding is that Zenbo positions itself as a service-oriented enterprise, providing customized solutions to customer needs, that is, "service first, sell later".


Zenbo's equipment is mainly aimed at four major markets: one is luxury brand and brand-name paper bags, the other is wine and soft drink paper bags, the third is paper bags exported to Europe and the United States, and the fourth is sports brand kraft paper bags. "When a customer comes to Zenbo, we will recommend a paper bag making machine that matches it according to his actual market needs. If there is no suitable equipment, we will not sell it at will, but will think of ways to develop new models."


The seemingly simple paper bag market is actually the most complicated and changeable, because paper bag products have many patterns, with different belts, surfaces, bottoms, and processing techniques. However, Zenbo will work hard to find corresponding solutions.


Goal: to be a luxury product in the handbag industry

As early as the beginning of the business, Zenbo's positioning was very clear. Chairman Fan Minglong focused on the blank of the bag making machine market. After more than ten years of hard work, Zenbo has won honors such as "Wenzhou Famous Brand Product", "China Printing and Equipment Industry Association Science and Technology Award", and adheres to market demand and industrialization trends as technological innovation and product development orientation, and independent innovation As a foundation, integrate new ideas, new technologies, new processes and new resources at home and abroad to create an integrated product research and development platform.


Look for bag-making machines, only make bag-making machines, and love bag-making machines. In this professional field, Zenbo continues to innovate and break new ground. Not only has it launched a single-sheet full-automatic and semi-automatic series of handbag making machines, and a reel-type series of handbag bag making equipment, but in recent years has also launched a fully automatic handbag stringing machine.


The main direction of zenbo's future has been clearly to "make intelligent and highly automated products", let the machine "talk", make users more cost-saving, easier to operate, and be the leader of domestic paper bag machines. This is the dream and goal of the Zenbo 


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