Industry Standard Setter For Sheetfed Tote Bags

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Paper sheet thickness range that fit ZENBO machine to manufacturing?

The workable paper thickness range of our machine is ranging from 100gram to 350gram, but paper thickness request is variety based on machine model.

ZB1260SF/1260S/1100S/700S: 120-190g

ZB1250S: 200-350g

ZB1200S: 190-300g

ZB1200CT/700CT: 120-250g

ZB1200CS: 140-300g   ZB700CS: 120-250g

ZB1200C: 120--300g ZB700C: 100g--190g

ZB1180AS: 150---300g

ZB1100A: 150g--350g

ZB50S: 190-350g

ZB60S: 140-250g

ZB60B: 120-250g

ZB50B/50B-2: 170-300g


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