Why us

Why us

Sales Network

Products are Exported to More than 50Countries and Regions Include


UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar


Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa

South America, North America and Oceania:

Tahiti, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela

R&D and Innovation Capability

More than 30 people of professional R & D technical team

More than 100 patented inventions

Paper bag machine Provincial Enterprise Research Institute postdoctoral workstation

Zhejiang manufacturing quality standard

Quality Control

The company has a very large-scale production and assembly environment, established a machining center, equipped with advanced spare parts production equipment and the latest production technology. Use the advanced equipment such as Okuma brand CNC centers and Mazak high-precision CNC lathes imported from Japan to produce mechanical parts,and use advanced German high-precision testing equipment to ensure that our products reach the highest quality and highest precision.

Zenbo focuses on every details, strives for perfection, and builds a strong quality management system that has been strictly implemented in every link of production and assembly, and ensures that every paper bag making machine can run stably for a long time, presenting reliability, production efficiency and economical efficiency products to customers.

Zenbo Builds a Barrier for Ecological Protection

With the gradual deepening of environmental governance, energy conservation and emission reduction, Zenbo Company has been continuously upgrading, advocating the harmony and unity of corporate economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, and combining the company's actual situation to realize the harmonious development of enterprise and society, man and nature. Zenbo is step by step becoming to standard Industrial enterprises that meet the requirements of high-quality development in the new area.

Firmly establish the awareness of environmental protection red line, environmental protection work as the untouchable bottom line and the lifeline of enterprise development.

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