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ZB60S Handbag Bottom Gluing Machine Introduction

ZB60S Handbag bottom gluing machine(independent innovation), adopts Servo motor drive, PLC control system, achieve automatic bottom cardboard inserting function. It meets the special requirement of Boutique paper bag making.

The basic working flow of this machine is Automatic feeding the unclosed-bottom paper bag, bottom opening, bottom cardboard inserting, two times positioning, coated water base glue, bottom closing and compaction output the paper bags.

With Servo system ensure the bottom cardboard process is stable and high precisely.

Use gluing wheel to coated the water base glue on bag bottom make the glue is evenly coated on full bottom, not only improve the bag quality, but also increase the profit for customers.

ZB60S Handbag Bottom Gluing Machine Technical Parameters:

Paper Weight

140 - 250gsm

Bag Width

180 - 410mm

Bag Height

250 - 500mm

Bottom Width

80 - 175mm

Bottom Cardboard Width

70 - 165mm

Bottom Cardboard Length

170 - 400mm

Bottom Cardboard Weight

250 - 400gsm

Machine Speed

50 - 80bags/minute

Total Electrical Power


Glue Types

Water Base Glue

Machine Dimensions (L * W * H)

5100 * 6600 * 1733mm


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