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How are paper bags manufactured?

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Paper bags are items that everyone will encounter in our lives. We know that, paper bags are very easy to use, convenient and can solve many problems in our lives. Some people are unclear. I believe that many friends are also very curious. How exactly is a paper bag produced? Let ZENBO- a paper bag manufacturer with 11 years of paper bag production experience, introduce you.


The choice of raw materials and printing

In the production process of paper bags, we must first choose whether our raw materials are kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper, black cardboard or special paper. Once selected, we can choose according to our design manuscripts. Let's print. When our raw materials are printed by the printing press, the preliminary effect has come out. The only difference is that it is flat.


The production of paper bags is followed by cutting of the products.

We all know that because of different specifications and sizes, paper bags will naturally appear in different sizes, and a whole sheet of raw paper is obviously unable to continue the next process. Here, a die-cutting machine is needed. Our specific paper bags are cut to form a matching ratio, so the product becomes a small piece of semi-finished product.


The third production process of paper bags is the film covering of the products.

In actual life, the surface of the paper bag is basically covered with a film except the kraft paper bag. The purpose of this is not only to make the product waterproof, but also to increase the firmness of the product. The third step is to carry out the dead film process.


The fourth step of paper bag production is special processing.

There are many luxury paper bags, and the special process they need is processed at this step, such as hot stamping, hot stamping, UV, etc., which is basically a step away from the finished product. When the special process is processed, the next step is to enter the manual table for the last step of processing.


The last point of paper bag production is the processing of folding bottom and adding rope.

The last step to produce the paper bag is to fold the whole product, and the bottom is sealed, and the top is attached with a string, so that one of our beautiful paper bags is produced. Finally, we can pack it and send it all over the country.


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