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Sep 24,2020

All In Print China: 2020 China Int'l Exhibition For All Printing Equipment Manufacturers

It’s here again! The long awaited annual All in Print China Exhibition for the year 2020 is here again, and it is another great moment for all manufacturers of different printing technology and equipment in China and beyond............[Learn More]

Sep 11,2020

Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine ZB700CS-240 sent to Saudi Arabia

Varieties of goods ranging from groceries to other food items are always carried from one place to another............[Learn More]

Aug 26,2020

Zenbo To be The Leader of Domestic Paper Bag Machine

I have heard about Zenbo a long time ago, but I just understand that this is a young entrepreneurial team with a lot of achievements in the field of bag making machines............[Learn More]

Jul 18,2020

Expert Guide On Automatic Art Paper Bag Making Machine

The essential factor about the paper bag making is its eco-friendliness since paper bags are not just biodegradable but can be recycled. ...........[Learn More]

Jun 19,2020

Zenbo Machine: The Home Of High-Quality Paper Bag Machine

Recently, there is a rising demand for paper bags. Several food companies, agro-allied companies, and grocery stores now go for kraft paper bags to package their products...........[Learn More]

May 28,2020

ZB 1260S-450 Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine Was Shipping to Poland

The new coronavirus has a great impact on all industries in a worldwide scale. Even though it is far away from us in China, the epidemic situation in Europe countries has been affecting the attention of people all over the world. ...........[Learn More]

Apr 22,2020

Factors Influencing the Technology of Heat-sealing Bag Making

In present society, when people purchasing the goods in the mall, sellers would usually offer the paper bag for their customers to pack the things they brought and take away. Moreover, the unique paper that provided by famous fast- fashion brands or luxury brands are becoming a fashion trend in the years. ...........[Learn More]

Mar 11,2020

Congratulations! Zhejiang Ruian Existing Epidemic Patient is Zero Now!

As a China paper bag making machine manufacturer, Zenbo is going to share some good new with you. Zhejiang Province has been adjusted to the second level response to COVID-19 epidemic. All the patients that diagnosed in Ruian has been cured. We made great efforts to win the task of fighting with the epidemic. Looking forward all customers and friends coming to visit us and have a cup of tea with us............[Learn More]

Feb 26,2020

ZENBO Staff Return to Work

On February 18, 2020, ZENBO Company officially return to work. As we all know, during the Chinese Spring Festival China experienced corona virus, in order to respond government’s summons, our company have delayed returning to work............[Learn More]

Feb 19,2020

The Function of Paper Bag Making Machine

Packaging is a necessary condition for products to enter the field of circulation, and the main means to achieve packaging is to use packaging machinery. With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, packaging equipment like paper bag making machine is playing an increasing role in the packaging field. Its main functions are as follows:...........[Learn More]

Feb 14,2020

Where can I find a paper bag machine at a very cheap price?

Paper bags are the need of the century. You cannot know the need for paper bags. The pollution is increasing and that is major because of the increased use of plastic bags. Most of the countries have now banned plastic and plastic products. However, it is not the solution until we start using the alternative of plastic from the grass-root level............[Learn More]

Jan 17,2020

Why Do Big Brands Like to Use Paper Bags for Package?

Big brands are abandoning plastic packaging and choosing paper packaging bags. Paper bags are popular with everyone due to their environmental protection, pollution-free, and recyclable advantages. Moreover, paper bags are made of nature, and their unique texture will make people happy. ...........[Learn More]


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