Can paper bags be used instead of plastic bags?

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From June 1 last year, "plastic restriction order" was officially implemented. After one year's implementation, many people still have the habit of paying for plastic bags. One of the most important reasons is that there are no good substitutes. "If the supermarket uses paper bags instead of plastic bags, can we reduce some pollution?" Some people suggested that.


Many citizens are willing to choose paper bags.


In recent years, the use of plastic bags in Haikou supermarket has increased significantly compared with the beginning of "plastic restriction".


"Habit is the most difficult thing to change. I used to take environmental bags to the supermarket, but it's troublesome for a long time." Xiao said that if the supermarket provides plastic bags and paper bags for a fee, she would rather choose paper bags because it is more environmentally friendly.


During this year's two sessions, CPPCC members have proposed to replace plastic bags with free environmental paper bags. CPPCC members believe that environmental protection paper bags have been promoted and used by the government in many foreign cities at present. It has the characteristics of flexible plastic bags, waterproof and moisture-proof, beautiful shape, low price, and environmental protection can be naturally degraded.


Reporters interviewed some citizens at random, most of them think that if the supermarket provides paper bags, they are more willing to use paper bagsto pack things. "Paper bagsare degradable and do not pollute the environment." Mr. Chen said.


Cost and waste cannot be ignored


But there are also some people who disagree. An environmentalist said that even if paper bags are provided for a fee, they may not be more conducive to environmental protection, because paper bags may consume more forest resources. There are still some problems such as high price of paper products, poor anti-seepage and heat insulation performance.


Zhou, a planner for an enterprise in Hainan Province, suggested that if the supermarket uses paper bags instead of plastic bags, the best way to reduce the burden on consumers is to print some advertisements on paper bags, which are funded by advertisers to make paper bags, and then provided to consumers free of charge or at a low price by the supermarket. As for the waste of resources, Mr. Zhou thinks that as long as we do a good job in recycling paper bags, we can reduce the waste if we use less.


Industry insiders said that for the "environmental protection and waste" , some foreign practices can be used for reference: the United States makes degradable plastic bags from some natural and recycled materials for customers to use; Canada strictly prohibits the use of plastic bags, and only allows the use of cloth bags or paper bags; in Germany, most stores provide customers with three kinds of shopping bags: plastic, canvas and cotton.

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Is it feasible to replace plastic bags with paper bags?


But is it feasible to replace plastic bags with paper bags in supermarkets? A supermarket official in Haikou said that at present, some places use paper bags to hold things. After all, the amount of use is small. Supermarkets are different. If they really use paper bagsinstead of plastic bags, the number is very large. At present, there are not many domestic manufacturers of paper bags. Whether they can meet the market demand or not is a problem.

"There is also a load-bearing problem of paper bags replacing plastic bags. Paper bags are generally not as big as plastic bags. Some large commodities in supermarkets are easy to crack when put into paper bags. These practical problems have to be considered. " But the person thinks that since it can be used abroad, it should also be possible at home.


Some citizens suggest that there are many ways for the "plastic restriction order" to really play its role. The supermarket can provide paper bags or plastic bags to hold goods that cannot be contained in paper bags. As long as less plastic bags are used or more environmental protection bags are used for shopping, it is an effective way to reduce white pollution.

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