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How do we solve the problems in the printing process of handbags?

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The needs of handbag bottom gluing machine

Nowadays, with the development of brands merchandise, the needs of handbag output are increasing, it’s because when people purchasing the goods in the mall, sellers would usually offer the paper bag for their customers to pack the things they brought and take away. Therefore, the usage of the paper bag becomes more and more obvious than before. This situation caused the booming of the needs of handbag bottom gluing machine as well as enhance the requirements and standards of handbag bottom gluing machine, also raised the competition of handbag making machine suppliers. However, there are still some existing problems of the handbag making process. The following paragraph would provide you a solution to the existing problems in the printing process of handbags.

Problems of handbag bottom gluing process

1.Standard problem: In the past, the standard of manual bag gluing was not standardizeded. Manual bag gluing from different producer are different. However, the portable paper bag machine effectively solved this problem through the combination of mechanical and electrical control mode.

2.Efficiency problem: Pure manual bag guling needs large number of work force, large amount of glue, poor adhesion but usually within low efficiency; The emergence of portable paper bag machine first solved the problem of difficult recruitment, high wages of workers, and then saved glue. According to the production of 10000 bags a day, one machine money can be saved in a year. At the same time, after the bag is pasted, it can be pressed mechanically to effectively avoid sticking.

3.Adjusting the pressure: Portable paper bags are often made of white board paper with a fixed weight of 250-400g / m2. The paper is relatively thick, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the adjustment of printing pressure. When adjusting, the center distance between the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder does not change, just adjust the center distance between the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder. When printing 250-450g / m2 white board paper, the center distance of the roller can be increased by 0.20-0.40mm. In addition, due to the poor surface smoothness of white board paper, its compactness is far better than that of copper plate paper, so it is necessary to increase the printing pressure accordingly. Adjust the printing pressure or increase or decrease the thickness of rubber drum. 

handbag bottom gluing machine

A reliable handbag making machine suppliers

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