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Factors Influencing the Technology of Heat-sealing Bag Making

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In present society, when people purchasing the goods in the mall, sellers would usually offer the paper bag for their customers to pack the things they brought and take away. Moreover, the unique paper that provided by famous fast- fashion brands or luxury brands are becoming a fashion trend in the years. Therefore, the usage of the paper bag becomes more and more obvious than before, which enhance the standard and requirement of paper bag production machine and paper bag making equipment. Unfortunately, there is still some factors that influencing the technology of heat-sealing bag. And if the manufacturer could avoid these problems, the paper bag producing line would reach a new stage.


Factors that influences the technology of heat-sealing bag making


In the following paragraph, I would like to introduce the factors that influences the heat-sealing technology in following four aspects: Composite film substrate; heat-sealing; Printing and typesetting and Ink layer and corona surface.

The influence of composite film substrate

At present, most of the common substrates are thin films with good mechanical strength, printing adaptability and heat resistance. The mechanical properties of the barrier materials play a reinforcing role in the strength of the heat seal, and the heat-resistant properties have an effect on the flatness of the appearance of the heat seal. The better the heat resistance of the barrier material, the better the flatness of the bag.

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Influence of heat-sealing temperature, pressure, duration, and velocity

The function of heat-sealing temperature is to heat the heat-sealing layer to an ideal viscous flow state. The wider the temperature range, the better the heat-sealing performance, and the easier and more stable the quality control.


If the heat-sealing pressure is insufficient, it will result in local heat-sealing failure, if it’s difficult to eliminate the air in the heat-sealing layer, it would result in virtual sealing or uneven sealing


Heat-sealing could also be affected by duration. The Longer heat-sealing time, the firmer combination. However, if the heat-sealing time is too long, it is easy to cause wrinkle and deformation at the heat-sealing joint, which will affect the flatness and appearance.


To talk about the velocity, the faster the heat-sealing speed is, the higher the heat-sealing temperature is. The slower the heat-sealing speed is, the fuller and firmer the fusion of heat-sealing materials will be.

Influence of printing and typesetting

Because the heat-sealing strength of the printed part is lower. Therefore, when designing the printing pattern, try to leave the edge heat seal as empty as possible without any printing pattern or white ink backing.

Influence of corona surface

The quality of delamination printing after thermal sealing of flexible packaging composite bag is related to the ink layer and corona surface. In the actual production process, in order to achieve the true reproduction of color, it is inevitable to mix internal printing and surface printing ink. However, Internal printing and surface printing ink are not compatible. Thus, if the printing film ink layer is mixed with internal and external printing ink, it is also easy to cause delamination at the weld of heat seal.


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