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How does a paper bag making machine work?

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Environmental paper bags are commonly used in our daily life. In recent years, with the rise of environmental protection concepts and the promulgation of the "plastic ban", the use rate of plastic bags has gradually reduced, but the application of environmental paper bags has increased.


Benefited from the excellent physical properties of environmental paper and environmental paper bags can be reused and recycled,environmental paper bags  are more and more popular on the market.


The invention of the environmental paper bags have greatly facilitated our daily life. It is light and foldable and does not take up space. It can hold a lot of small items that are usually used for convenient sorting and can be taken out when shopping.


You may know the paper bag manufacturing machine, but do you know the production process of the paper bag manufacturing machine? Today Zhejiang Zenbo Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. will tell us.


Preparations before starting the paper bag manufacturing machine

1. Check whether there is dust and debris around the equipment of the automatic paper bag machine and remove it.

2. Enter the relevant data for bag making and the number of bags required.

3. Select the pattern edge with large color difference to adjust the sensitivity to the right or left to make it meet the requirements.

4. Put on the film roll according to the requirements of the production notice.

5. Adjust the size of the bag according to the production notice and process documents, install the heat sealing knife, and initially adjust the position of the slitting knife and the heat sealing knife.

6. Turn on the power of the automatic paper bag machine, and set the temperature of the heat sealing knife according to the requirements of the process document.

Environmental Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine 

Working process of the paper bag manufacturing machine 

1. Start the main motor of the paper bag manufacturing machine, run at low speed, then adjust the edge position control, and split the film in the middle position.

2. Adjust the left and right nip rollers to align the left and right films, and adjust the front and back nip rollers to align the pattern.

3. During the production process, observe the situation of the paper bag manufacturing machine at any time ,if it is abnormal, adjust it immediately.

4. The machine quality inspector shall carry out the inspection, and after passing the inspection, paste the certificate and send it to the quality inspection room for random inspection.

5. Sort out the bags produced, and select the bags with quality defects and bind them according to the regulations.

6. Initially adjust the machine speed, take a flat sample bag for initial inspection, and if it does not meet the specified requirements, take another flat sample bag for heat seal value test.

7. Adjust the cutting blade of the paper bag manufacturing machine to the expected position, and adjust the punching position to the scissors mouth.

8. Adjust the heat sealing knife of the paper bag manufacturing machine to make it heat seal within the required range of the bag.


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