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How the Automatic Gift Paper Bag Machine works

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Paper bags are important for various commercial uses, especially for the packaging of different products. It has an advantage over other bags for packaging because during production, it doesn't pollute our environment since it is biodegradable and as well, it can be recycled.


It is advisable to buy your environment paper bag machine from a trusted supplier to avoid choosing the wrong machine, since making this decision can be staggering and one always end up being indecisive.


A high quality paper bag is a function of the raw materials processed by the environment paper bags machine. The basic raw materials used to produce high-quality paper bags using the automatic gift paper bag machine are:

 Laces and tags

 Paper rolls colors and white.


 Paper sheets

 Polyester Stereo


Printing Chemicals


In the process to churn out quality paper bags, different machines collaborate to produce a high-quality environmental friendly paper bag.

Automatic Art Paper Bag Making Machine

These machines includes; Automatic Paper Making Machine (two colour printing). This machine print any text or design on the surface of the paper bag being manufactured unlike the other machines. And also the machine can produce bags without the printing machine, which gives an output of about 120 paper bags per minute with a dimension of 12 X 18 to 40 X 60cm in size.


Other types of machinery needed for paper bag production includes, the Eyelet fitting machine, lace fitting machine, cutting machine, punching machine, printing machine, creasing machine, stereo press and stereo grinder, testing scale machine, Roll slitter and Motorized machine.


The manufacturing process of paper bags involves six (6) steps which includes:

· Cutting, which involves cutting of paper roll according to the size of the paper bag that wants to be manufactured using the automatic art paper bag making machine.

· Pressing, here the Pressing machine is used to press the bags to stick together with the help of the gum.

· Printing, the printer machine prints the design or information on the already sticked paper bag.

· Punching, here the punching machine makes a smooth hole where the handle on the paper bag is fixed.

· Handle Attachment, here, a specific machine attaches the string handle to the hole of the paper bag.

· Packaging, the packaged machine helps to pack the bags together as they are being manufactured.


The quality, durability and environmental impact of paper bags must not be overlooked. To be certain of the best quality paper bags, you need the service of a professional manufacturer for all your Automatic art paper bag making machine.


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