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Boutique gift bags, what are they and what advantages do they have?

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Today there are many different types of bags and materials, some better known and others less, but all once heard by most people. But did you know that there is material that you have probably never heard before?


We refer to BOUTIQUE GIFT BAG, an acronym for the words "Nonwoven Fabric" or "Nonwoven Fabric". A material increasingly used in the bag sector due to its high quality and durability.


Nonwoven? How is it possible?

BOUTIQUE GIFT BAG is formed from a series of fibers joined by mechanical procedures at high temperatures, thus avoiding the process of fibers into yarn, hence the term 'non-woven'. These fibers are usually placed in a crossed way, in layers, by mechanical needles, but always using heat.

An important machine used in the production process is the boutique gift bag machine. It can be used to add labels to the bags which makes it easier for branding.

This material stands out for its great resistance, since in addition to repelling water, it can withstand both very high and very low temperatures.

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What advantages does this material have?

As we have already mentioned before, the durability of this material is very high, so that products made with it can enjoy a very long useful life. Another of the data to take into account is its price, since due to the resistance of this material and that its cost is not very high, BOUTIQUE GIFT BAG are of great quality for the most demanding items.



This is one of the questions that many businesses ask themselves, and we have the answer. In addition to the fact that plastic is much more harmful to the environment, there is also another reason, and it is that in reality the cost of paper bags does not have to come entirely out of your pocket, since if the consumer needs the bag, they do not You will mind paying 5 or 10 cents for it, and also, having paid it, it will surely be reused. With this we do not mean that the business takes advantage of the customer, but that as is done now with the plastic ones, it is charged for the bag.


As a manufacturer, what are your plans? To get a high quality boutique gift bag machine for your production? That must be it. Now, you are faced with the question, why?

We can help you with our range of boutique gift bag machine.

At Zenbo machinery, we have a wide variety of machines for non-woven bags, since we consider them to be a great option for practically any type of business, and you will also get your customers to reuse the bags and your logo printed on the bag. You can be sure that your customers will walk the streets of the town displaying your logo and products. Available in various formats and sizes, you can choose your favorite machine.


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