All In Print China: 2020 China Int'l Exhibition For All Printing Equipment Manufacturers

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It’s here again! The long awaited annual All in Print China Exhibition for the year 2020 is here again, and it is another great moment for all manufacturers of different printing technology and equipment in China and beyond.


The China Int’l Exhibition for All in Printing Technology and Equipment is usually one of the biggest and influential exhibition that is held every year in China.


The exhibition which has been slated to hold between October 12-24, 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is expected to be another grand event that will bring lots of international investors together with world class manufacturers of printing equipment.


Although the event is usually a time to display the wide array of the latest products and technological advancement in every apart of the printing industry, the All in Print China 2020 exhibition will also feature trending topics in the printing industry.


Also, the exhibition will serve as a platform for investors to get a complete and customized solution for all their printing and packaging needs.


Being an annual event which has been in existence since 2003, the All in Print China exhibition has remained an event that doesn’t only create a platform for various global printing industries to showcase their products to buyers.


Instead, it has been designed to serve as a frontier of technological collaboration where international printing professional can come together to share ideas about new technologies.


This, you can tell is one of the reason why the All in Print China Exhibition has been nicknames “The Oriental Window of World Printing Industry.”


And for us at Zhejiang Zenbo Intelligent Machinery Co. Ltd., we are known as a heavy weight in the industry, and we will be fully present throughout the period of the All in Print China 2020 exhibition with our high-quality ZB 1260RS 450 paper shopping bag making machine and other premium paper machines at booth number N4.

 All in Print China 2020 exhibition

During the All in Print China 2020 exhibition, we look forward to welcome visitors and investors from the following sectors to our stand at booth number N4:

· Paper Packaging, Flexible Packaging and Corrugated Carton Factory

· Multimedia/Internet publishing marketing & PR agencies

· Advertising & design houses, direct marketing & PR agencies

· Graphic arts, graphic arts specialists

· Paper & envelope manufacturers

· Government bodies & financial institutions

· Educational establishments & professional bodies

· Relevant trade associations

· Commercial printing, newspaper printing, label printing, business forms, book printing

· Repro houses, publishing, finishing, converting companies

· Retailing & manufacturing

· Trade publications


And in response to such a wide range of customers and visitors which we expect during the exhibition, exhibitors with different printing machines and equipment in the printing industry will be fully present to showcase their products and services.


Among such in the categories of exhibitors that will be present during the All in Print China 2020 exhibition include;

· Prepress Equipment

· Printing Equipment

· Post-press and Packaging Converting Equipment

· Paper and Substrates

· Components and Infrastructure

· Services and Software

· Innovative Technologies

· Printing Ink

· Other Consumables


You Are Welcome To Our Stand At Booth Number N4

We are a renowned manufacturer of high-quality ZB 1260RS 450 paper shopping bag making machine that are designed with the best material, and manufactured to withstand your production pressure.


Kindly stop by at our booth, and we’ll be glad to partner with you for the best products for all your printing and packaging needs.



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