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Paper bag making machine provides perfect packaging solution for your business

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One of the most useful and essential elements in any retail is packaging of products. Packaging is a fundamental part of a business, and it must not be forgotten that they are not only used to bring products and purchases from business customers to their homes. They have a double function, since they are also used as an advertising medium for our products or services. How many times can we see, every day, people walking down the street with a striking bag hanging from their arms?

Packaging contributes to the customer experience. Today, there is a rapid deviation from the conventional plastic bags to the more sustainable paper bags. This is an exceptional packaging material that takes care of client needs while providing value to your business.

The paper bag packaging solutions can be tailored to the size of any business: packaging for small products, take away packaging for hotels, luxury and more.

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Why choose the paper bag?

Taste lies in variety, which is why the paper bag includes a vast majority of commercial formats. Here, we look at why the paper bag is ideal for customers.

Paper quality: They are designed in different thicknesses and weights, from 70 grams to 157 grams, for those heavier products.

Finishes: it displays natural works, and also with matt, satin and metallic finishes.

Colors: Paper bags are available in many different colors depending on the model: yellow, dark gray, gray-blue and more.

Design: the size of the containers is also adapted to each type of use so that they are comfortable to carry: with flat, die-cut or curled paper handles.

The paper bag packaging solution offers retail business the possibility of screen printing their logo, an image or the design they prefer with their order. This can be done with water based inks, without alcohol, in color or in black and white, and we have a specific design department that is in charge of studying each proposal and helping the retailer. Customers do not pass on their ideas and from there a photolith is designed -which is only paid once- that will be printed on each unit.


Ecological ink for your paper bags.

In addition to customization, the paper bag create environmentally-friendly packaging. This paper bag uses recyclable, biodegradable and reusable materials, so that products are used more than once. The paper comes from responsibly managed forests and are also sustainable, since they are based on water and are free of toxic components. This makes them suitable for those packaging containers in contact with food.

The paper bag making machine and its possibilities

This paper bag making machine for the production of flat bottom type paper bags, is built in China with the best components from various countries, advanced technology. It is ideal for the production of all types of bags for food use, such as bakery, starting from the paper roll. All processes are controlled by PLC, which reduces the need for labor and adds precision.

Do you need a paper bag making machine for your paper production business? You are in the right place. Contact us today to get the best model for your production needs from the best paper bag making machine suppliers.



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