ZB 1260RS-450S


Product Features

ZB1260RS-450 is a new generation of fully automatic paper bag making machine, which is independent developed by Zenbo according to the latest market demand.

This machine has changed the traditional single type paper feeding way. Now it is mufti-functional feeding way, which can be both sheet feeding type and roll feeding type.

ZB1260RS-450 is equipped with a high-precision servo drive rotary blade sheeting unit, and customers can directly use printed roll paper as raw material to feed into the machine. However, It is also equipped with an automatic feeder (four suction and four feeding) to feed single-sheet printed paper for production. One machine, two feeding possibility. It is not only meet the different

Printing and bag making process

Technical parameters

Top Folding Joint Type : Insert Pasting

Gluing Position On Big Side (Bag Surface)

Gluing Position On Small Side (Gusset)

Option :Flat Handle Function Can Be Added
Brand New Servo Reinforced

Card Cutting System

Paper size
Bag Size
Handle Size
Bottom Reinforce Cardboard Size
Technical data
Paper Roll Width 620-1260mm 620-1260mm 620-1260mm
Slitting Length 320-600mm 320-560mm 320-600mm
Max.Roll Diameter/Roll weight Φ1200mm/1200kg Φ 1200mm/1200kg Φ 1200mm/1200kg
Paper Core Diameter Φ76mm Φ76mm Φ76mm
Max.sheet(LXW)  1260X600mm 1260X560mm 1260X600mm
Min.sheet(LXW) 620X320mm 620X320mm 620X320mm
Sheet Weight  120g-190gsm 120g-190gsm 120g-190gsm
Bag Width  220-450mm 220-450mm 220-450mm
Bottom Width  70-180mm 70-180mm 70-180mm
Bag Tube length  280-560mm 320-560mm 280-560mm
Top folding width 40-60mm --------- 40-60mm
Handle patch length 190mm 190mm 190mm
Handle patch width 30-50mm 30-50mm 30-50mm
Handle patch weight 140gsm-200gsm 140gsm-200gsm 140gsm-200gsm
Handle patch roll diameter Φ 1000mm Φ 1000mm Φ 1000mm
Handle patch roll width 60-100mm 60-100mm 60-100mm
Paper rope diameter Φ4-6mm Φ4-6mm -------
Handle rope height 170-190mm 170-190mm -------
Bottom Cardboard Weight 250-400gsm 250-400gsm 250-400gsm
Bottom Cardboard Width 64-174mm 64-174mm 64-174mm
Bottom Cardboard Length 214-444mm 214-444mm 214-444mm
Speed 40-70 bags/min
Total/Production power 67/40kw
Voltage 380V
Total weight 29T
Machine size(L x W x H) 27500x7500x2950mm
Glue Type Water Base Glue and Hot-melt Glue
Main parts brand
No. Item Origin Brand No. Item Origin Brand
1 Feeder China RUN 9 Main Bearings Germany BEM
2 Motor China Fangda 10 Convey Belt Japan NITTA
3 PLC Japan Mitsubishi 11 Vaccum Pump Germany BECKER
4 Frequency Converter France Schneider 12 Pneumatic Elements Taiwan China AIRTAC
5 Button Germany Eaton Moller 13 Photoelectric Sensor Korea/Germany Autonics/SICK
6 Electric Relay Germany Weid Muller 14 Glue system Amercia Nordson
7 Air Switch Germany Eaton Moller 15 Reducer China Wuma
8 Touch Screen Taiwan China WEINVIEW 16 Servo Motor Taiwan China Delta

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