Product Features

This machine is a basic bottom gluing machine which invented by Zenbo Machinery (ZL 2013 1 0754999.4 ).

It with automatic paper feeding,automactic glue spray and bottom pasting. It with high production efficiency,high quality and stability characteristics,is very suitable for the production of multi-species and small batch paper bags.This machine applicable to paper over 120g/m.It with water-base gule system as standard device.Comparedwith 50B series,this machine is more suitable for the bottom gluing of thin paper bags production.

If you want to use thin paper and with water-base glue systerm to produce paper bags,and want to use the basic machine to replace themanual bottom gluing, improve the production environment,reducethe production cost,and improve the quality of paper bags,this seriesmachine is an ideal choice.

ZB50B handbag bottom-gluing machine features a continuous functions of automatic delivery of manually-folded bag bottom (bottom board can inserted or not), automatic glue spray, automatic pasting, automatic folding, pressing and finished bag bottom output.

Printing and bag making process

Technical parameters

Hand Bag Bottom Gluing Machine
Bag Size
Technical data

Sheet weight


Bag Width


Bag Height


Max.sheet (LX W)


Min.sheet (LX W)


Top folding width


Paper Bag Tube Length


Bottom Width(Gusset)


Bottom Cardboard Weight


Bottom Cardboard Width


Bottom Cardboard Length



50-90 bags/min

Machine Size


Total/Production Power




Total Weight


Glue Type

Water Base Glue

Main parts brand
No. Name Origin Brand No. Name Origin Brand
1 Motion controller China Zenbo 6 Electric relay Germany weidmuller
2 Main motor China Fangda 7 Air switch China EATON Moeller
3 Frequency converter Germany Schneider 8 Bearing Germany BEM
4 Button Germany EATON Moeller 9 Hot melt system America Nordson
5 Touch screen China Veichi        

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