Fully Automatic Reel to Sheet Feeding SOS Paper Bag Machine

The fully automatic paper bag machine is a device that can automatically manufacture paper bags without human intervention. The fully automatic paper bag machine can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent quality of produced bags. It is often used in the manufacturing industry to produce paper bags for various purposes, such as shopping bags, food packaging bags, etc.

Series Products

ZB 1260RS-450

ZB 1260RS-450

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

ZB 1260RS-450S

ZB 1260RS-450S

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine Introduction

The fully automatic paper bag machine is independently developed by Zenbo. We are a china fully automatic paper bag machine manufacturers. This machine uses a servo system to take out the top rib card to realize the adjustable position of the top rib card. The new "half-blade" device ensures that the bag body is trackless.

One machine,two feeding possibility(roll feeding and sheet feeding),it is easy change feeding possibility by button switch.


Production of Paper Bag Machine

The basic working process of Zenbo fully automatic paper bag machine is sheet feeding, automatic creasing, servo top rib removal, upper folding (glue insertion), tube forming, edge folding forming, bottom folding, automatic bottom carding, bottom paste (water-based) glue ), compaction and output. All of these steps increase bag making efficiency and reduce setup time, saving a lot of labor cost on top reinforcement card stickers and bottom card insertion. Realize the production requirements of automation, intelligence and high efficiency.


Features of Automatic Paper Bag Machine

The automatic paper bag machine is a kind of equipment for automatic production of paper bags, which can produce paper bags efficiently and effectively. The machine has the following characteristics:

• High-speed production: The automatic paper bag machine can produce hundreds to thousands of bags per hour.
• Automatic paper feeding: The automatic paper bag machine can automatically feed paper rolls into the machine without manual paper feeding.
• Adjustable bag size: These machines are designed to produce bags of various sizes, with bag size adjustable function, allowing users to set the bag size according to their requirements.
• Multiple Bag Types: Some automatic paper bag machines can produce different types of bags, including square bottom bags, flat bottom bags, and gusset bags.
• Low maintenance cost: The fully automatic paper bag machine is designed with low maintenance cost and requires little maintenance and repair.
• Energy Efficiency: Many automatic paper bag machines are designed to help reduce operating costs and environmental impact.
• Safety Features: These machines are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety sensors to ensure safe operation.
• Custom Options: Custom options are available to meet specific customer requirements.


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